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E-motion = Energy in MOTION

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

Carl Jung talked about this long before many others. And now neuroscience is catching up! The word Emotion comes from the Latin verb 'emovere' - to move, to agitate. So factually, emotion is the movement (motion) of Energy.


We experience e-motion as sensations moving through the body. What's less well known, however, is that these sensations are in fact neutral. Without wishing to demean the significance of unwanted sensations (I know all too well how uncomfortable they can feel :(), it is important to mention, however, that we are actually the ones that give meaning to them. For example, when a situation happens, we attach a meaning to it depending on our personal perspective. And this will be either empowering, or disempowering. We then experience e-motion (empowering, or disempowering) as sensations moving through the body. Quite literally, our bodies are feeding back to us saying "Hey, these are the bodily sensations your thoughts are producing. Are they helpful to you, or not?" So e-motions are MEANT to be felt, and every single e-motion matters as it is valuable feedback. Now - consider that the way we feel determines our mood, and also influences every decision we make every single day. Wouldn't it make sense then that in order to make better decisions, we need to fully recognise our e-motions? Unfortunately, many don't really know how to as Emotional Literacy has only very recently started to be taught in schools. This is where Mindfulness is extremely beneficial. When we really tune in to our bodily sensations, we can easily notice the messages our body is sending us, and then recognise the e-motions attached. Then we can trace back and change our unwanted perceptions accordingly! The beauty of Mindfulness of course is that it's all done with so much compassion and kindness. And we can choose at any time just how far down the rabbit hole we really want to go ;).


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