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During the height of the pandemic in May 2020, our Mindfulness Teachers' Group really wanted to do something to help.  So we created this book together.  

Mindfulness for Challenging Times 
contains a wide range of fascinating insights into Mindfulness and how beneficial it is. 

You'll find h
elpful strategies and simple Mindfulness exercises on a range of topics - so there'll be one there specifically for you too!
The book also includes access to over 40 mindful audio tracks to practice with. 

100% profit donated to

the World Health Organization (WHO).

on Amazon

100% profit to W.H.O.

"Mindfulness seems so simple to do and yet so hard to describe.  Shamash does it brilliantly."
Ruby Wax, comedian, mental health campaigner and bestselling Author.

“I believe this volume will not only remind those experienced in mindfulness of its many benefits, but also will serve as a roadmap to many who may not yet have any experience, or understand the value, of mindfulness....”
Dr James R. Doty, Stanford University, Founder and Director CCARE, New York Times bestselling Author of Into the Magic Shop.

"This book is a wonderful gift to the world... I highly recommend!”
Professor Shauna Shapiro, Santa Clara University.

Part 1: Meeting Challenges with Mindfulness
Finding Calm in the Chaos
Staying Mindful in Isolation
Finding Ways to Cope with Stress
Mindfulness for Anxiety
Managing Sleep in Challenging Times
Mindfulness in the Presence of Traumatic Memories
Being Mindful with Grief
A Mindful Approach to Managing Your Media Consumption

Part 2: Practising Self-care, Compassion and Kindness
Mindful Yoga
Mindful Eating
Showing Ourselves Compassion
Growing Gratitude
The Power of Being Kind to Others
Micro-mindfulness Moments: Mindful Cleaning
Mindfulness for Finding Joy
Connecting with Nature
Mindful Movement in Nature

Part 3: Connecting Mindfully with Others
Mindful Communication in Challenging Times
Connecting with Others Online
Mindful Ways to Work from Home
Staying Mindful with Difficult People
Mindful Ways through Conflict
Parenting Mindfully through Challenges
Mindful Co-Parenting and Single Parenting
Mindfulness for Helping Professionals
Mindfulness for Empathy Fatigue


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