"I never realised just how easy it was to become mindful at the drop of a hat!, until Dawn showed me how - she really knows her stuff." - B.W.

"The 3 minute breathing space’....is a life saver!....Dawn’s approach makes it possible for all to partake....Mindful awareness can easily become a way of life." - V.H. (long term Meditator).

"Last week you opened my eyes to the fact that my own brain fog had kept me ..............not realising the simplicity of simple awareness was what I most needed to hone in on.  Thank you." - Anon.

"I would encourage anybody to do this course as I feel everybody would benefit...............I am calmer and more positive with less negative thoughts, and I know I will gain even more benefits through continued practice." - P.H.

"I have found it extremely helpful - the meditations are very relaxing and calm my mind beautifully..............a very effective tool for when life becomes stressful." - J.B.

"I often feel pretty stressed and have a million things running through my mind all at once. This course helps me to focus on the task in hand. I sometimes struggle to sleep because my brain is racing, the techniques I have learnt have certainly improved the speed at which I now fall asleep. I can't recommend this course enough, Dawn is a fabulous teacher" - C.C.

"I learned to calm myself in stressful situations, to make my thought process clearer and less muddled.  I also learned a lot about myself and how self destructive I could be.  It’s ok to say No.  I don’t need to be such a pleaser of people.  It’s ok to take some time out for just for me.  I highly recommend this course.  6 weeks is really just the tip of the iceberg.  Dawn is so lovely, calm and has the ability to make you feel good about yourself and recognise something you actually hadn’t seen about yourself.   Thank you Dawn, a really insightful, inspiring Course." - R.C.