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About Mindfully U

Hello, I’m Dawn - accredited Mindfulness Teacher & CBT Coach.

After having personally practiced Mindfulness for more than 20 years, and experienced the numerous! benefits, I set up Mindfully U in 2015 - a social enterprise :). 

I teach Beginners to Advanced Mindfulness courses, including the MBCT Mindfulness for Beginners Course equivalent - the only NHS N.I.C.E. recommended Mindfulness course.

Mindfulness Meditation is scientifically-proven to reduce the symptoms of stress, anxiety & panic attacks, depression, and lack of sleep. 

It is also extremely beneficial for those feeling the pressures of life, as it helps us to feel more calm, more positive, more focused, more resilient, and more able to re-spond rather than re-act. 

The most popular Course is the MBCT Mindfulness Course equivalent. 

MBCT is the only scientifically-proven Mindfulness Meditation course

- and the only one recommended in the NHS N.I.C.E. guidelines.

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Clients come from all walks of life - but they all have one thing in common:-


They all wish to learn how to live more in the present,

and be less caught up in the 'what ifs' and 'if onlys'.


Mindfully U’s courses expertly teach

people exactly how to do that!


About Me


In my teens and 20s, I experienced extreme anxiety and panic attacks, and on searching for a solution, I fell upon the practice of Mindfulness.


Through continuous practice, I went from acute low self esteem, zero confidence, and insecurity, to being an emotionally-strong, resilient, happy, secure person - totally free of anxiety and panic attacks :).

I’m always saying Mindfulness is a Superpower - because it really is!

I trained in Mindfulness with Shamash Alidina; widely recognised in the Mindfulness world, who trained directly with Jon Kabat-Zinn.

I am accredited by the world renowned Complementary Medical Association, follow the UK Mindfulness Teachers' Good Practice Guidelines, am a Member of a Mindfulness Co-Coaching Group, and am fully insured by Henry Seymour & Co.

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