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Bless The Past

Very often we criticise ourselves for things that happened in the past.

For not knowing the right thing to do. For getting it wrong. For being stupid to have not seen it coming. That somehow it’s all our fault etc etc.

When really, we need to be compassionate towards ourselves and appreciate just how far we have come.

Besides, we needed to experience it, as that is how we grow.

Imagine being born perfect, with a perfect life, a perfect family, perfect job, perfect children, perfect husband, perfect friends, perfect house, perfect experiences, perfect everything.......

How can we grow if everything is perfect? If there are no challenges to face?

How can we experience CHOOSING what we want, or really APPRECIATING what we have - if everything is just given to us?

In growth, we find strengths we never knew we had 💪.

We choose more wisely, and then experience even more things to appreciate ❤️.

So bless the past 🙏. For it serves you well.


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