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Power by Kindness

I see this come up so often with clients.

They can feel self indulgent and almost egotistical if they are putting themselves first.

However, you know there really are two kinds of power.

1. Power by Ego - me first, and take others' energy.

2. Power by kindness - me first, and then I have more energy to give to others.

Few people I know are interested in number 1.

So how best do we do number 2?

Give yourself all the self compassion and self care you need.

Self care is more than treating yourself with candle lit baths, healthy eating and exercise (and they are all lovely!).

How is your mind treating you?

How kind are you being to yourself?

How many times a day do you criticise yourself, or feel inadequate?

How do you feel about yourself generally?

If we look after ourselves first, this increases our enthusiasm, our motivation, our zest in life, and most importantly, our energy levels.

So we then have energy for ourselves, as well as for others too :).


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