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'Doing' vs 'Being'

So it isn't that we are 'doing' productive, it is that we are 'being' productive.

And there’s our clue right there :).

This past year, so many people have begun to appreciate more the idea of spending time 'being', rather than constantly on the go all the time.

Sometimes we have to be in 'doing' mode of course, and there are none more time consuming than looking after children/loved ones, or running a business.

But we could for instance deliberately grab a cuppa and just observe our children/loved ones when engrossed in something. Delighting in the way they work things out, and truly appreciating everything about them. ❤️

And if we are in business, 'being' productive all the time is actually counter-productive.

We can be so caught up in 'doing' that we forget to factor in space to just 'be' - to switch our minds off from all that busyness.

Switching off actually makes us more productive. The most inspired ideas come from that space for a start.

And then when we come back, we are more refreshed, more focused on where we are headed, and raring to go!

So let’s remember to be a human 'being' sometimes too 😎.


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