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About Mindfully U

Hello, I’m Dawn, a trained Mindfulness Teacher & CBT Coach, who has personally practiced Mindfulness Meditation for more than 20 years.

Mindfulness Meditation is scientifically-proven to reduce the symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress reduction and lack of sleep.   Research is continually being carried out, however, in many other areas (see link for more). 

I teach Starter to Advanced public courses, One on One private sessions, Parent and Child sessions, and tailor Corporate sessions to business needs.

The most popular Course request is the MBCT Mindfulness Course equivalent. 

MBCT is the only scientifically-proven Mindfulness Meditation course - and the only one recommended by the NHS N.I.C.E. guidelines.

I trained in Mindfulness with Shamash Alidina; widely recognised in the Mindfulness world, who trained directly with Jon Kabat-Zinn.

I am accredited by the world renowned Complementary Medical Associationfollow the UK Mindfulness Teachers' Good Practice Guidelines, am a Member of a Mindfulness Co-Coaching Group. and fully insured by Henry Seymour & Co.


Group Courses

Online Booklet

Having experienced the numerous! benefits from Mindfulness Meditation, I decided to train professionally so I could pass on my knowledge to others.

I set up Mindfully U in 2015 - a social enterprise :).


Clients come from all walks of life - but they all have one thing in common:-


They all wish to learn how to live more in the present,

and be less caught up in the 'what ifs' and 'if onlys'.


Mindfully U’s courses expertly teach

people exactly how to do that!