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“You are not a drop in the ocean.

You are the entire ocean in a drop.”  - Rumi

In these unprecedented times, like everyone I want to help!


SO I'M REDUCING FEES............

Come and practice Mindfulness ONLINE with me!

(via Skype or Zoom)

I'll quickly bring you to a state of calm :).

Then we can tailor it to your own personal needs. 


1 Hour Private Session - £15.00

(mini group £8.00pp - min. 3 pp)

Four 1 Hour Private Sessions - £40.00 total

(mini group £32.00pp - min. 3 pp)

Mini-Course - Six 1 Hour Private Sessions - £75.00 total


Whether you've never meditated, or if you haven't meditated

for a while, take it to the next LEVEL 

with Mindfulness Meditation!

Book once, twice weekly, weekly, or monthly

- whatever suits you.

Send us an email and let's set a date!  


Never used Skype or Zoom?

Don't worry, it's super! simple 

I'll guide you every step of the way. 

Can't wait to start practicing Mindfulness with you!


Here's some session ideas.  Which sound good to you? :)  :-

* Reduce Stress

* Lower Anxiety

* Cut down Eco-Anxiety

* Improve your Sleep

* Build Self Esteem

* Improve Self Confidence

* Increase Self Belief

* Step up Self Care

* Strengthen Self Acceptance

* Deepen Self Compassion

* Body Relaxation
* Mindful Eating

* Mindful Walking

* Mindful Listening

* Mindful Breathing
* Mindful Sleeping
* Body Sensations
* Mindful Thinking

* Mindful Feeling

"I love these hourly sessions.  I'm constantly under pressure and feeling stressed, but after every session I always feel relaxed & refreshed". N.P.  

"I didn't realise just how much I needed this quiet time and relaxation, until I started working with Dawn.  Somehow I always end up with more space in my head, plus I feel more positive!"  B.D. 

"It's that awareness that we are all missing!  Being guided to recognise it, is just life changing.  I've spent my entire life not knowing about it". S.A.