Suitable for stress, anxiety, mild depression & lack of sleep - or if you just wish to feel more present in every day life!



6 Week Course

The course follows a set format of 6 group sessions; each session comprising of:-

       One or two directly experienced guided Mindfulness Meditation practices

       Group reflection

       Simple exercises

       Home experiments to try.

Summary Outline of the Mindfulness for Beginners (MBCT) Course 

Misty Woodland

Week 1 - Automatic Pilot

We practice really coming in to the present - as opposed to being caught up in automatic pilot.  We also discover how to move from 'doing' to 'being' mode after a very busy day.

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Week 2 - Staying Present

When trying to start a regular practice at home, difficulties can arise.  This week, we focus on letting go; allowing things to be just as they are.  As we let go, we build our mindful awareness, and stay present for longer.


Week 3 - Presence in daily life

Our regular practice now stands us in good stead to discover simple & short exercises that bring Mindful awareness into daily life.  These exercises can be used anytime, anywhere, and enable us to calm ourselves down at will.  We start to see just how easily Mindfulness integrates into our busy schedule. 

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Week 4 - Mindful Acceptance

We practice being mindful - allowing, and accepting, what is, rather than pushing against.  We now start to really benefit from using our Mindfulness techniques.

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Week 5 - How best can I take care of Myself?

We learn how to gently be with a challenge; consciously choosing to approach it.  We end the session by creating our very own self-care plan.

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Week 6 - Thoughts are not Facts

We gently question just how accurate our thoughts are, practicing 'mindful thinking', and we finalise our self-care plan to ensure we stay on track after the course :-).​



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Mindfully U runs various Mindfulness Courses:-

* 4 week Starter - an introduction to Mindfulness

* 6 week Beginners MBCT - bring Mindfulness into every day life

* 6 week Foundation - be present wherever you are

* 4 week Advanced - change your mindset; change your life

* 4 week Master Class - feel resilient and empowered.

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