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© Mindfullyu 2016-2019                   Image courtesy of hd_wallpapers

© Mindfullyu 2016-2019                   Image courtesy of hd_wallpapers

"The 3 minute breathing space’ a life saver!....Dawn’s approach makes it possible for all to partake....Mindful awareness can easily become a way of life." - V.H. (long term Meditator)


"Last week you opened my eyes to the fact that my own brain fog had kept me ..............not realising the simplicity of simple awareness was what I most needed to hone in on.  Thank you." - Anon (long term Meditator)


"I never realised just how easy it was to become mindful at the drop of a hat!, until Dawn showed me how - she really knows her stuff." - B.W.

"I would encourage anybody to do this course as I feel everybody would benefit...............I am calmer and more positive with less negative thoughts, and I know I will gain even more benefits through continued practice." - P.H.


"I have found it extremely helpful - the meditations are very relaxing and calm my mind beautifully..............a very effective tool for when life becomes stressful." - J.B.